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5 Useful Link-Building Tips For Start-Ups

5 Useful Link-Building Tips For Start-Ups

Link building is a critical part of search engine optimization since search engines like Google view links to your website as an indication that your website is trustworthy and well-liked, therefore worth ranking favorably.

Search engines think that reliable websites rank to other trusty websites, which is why it is so critical to ensure that the links to your website are from recommendable and quality websites. The building, expanding, and maintaining your site’s link profile must be an integral part of your SEO plan. Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Establishing Where Your Rivals Are Obtaining Links From

You can use online tools like open site explorer to see who is linking to your opponent’s sites. You can merely type in the URL of your opponent’s site, and the tool will generate a list revealing the titles and URLs of linking pages and link anchor texts. This can provide you information on where you can obtain links from, because if a website is willing to link to your opponent, they might just be willing to link to your site too.

2. Creating Great Content That Is Shareable

Content marketing is a natural and efficient method for getting loads of links to your website. By generating something that web users in your niche would want to share on social media platforms. You will not get a lot of links, but it can boost your reputation and brand visibility. Some examples of things that you can generate are:

Whatever you produce must be interesting, original, and unique.

Making The Content Embeddable

If the content on your website is of high quality, there will be individuals that would want to steal it. You must make it embeddable so that when someone attempts to steal it, an embed code will be automatically given to them that is containing a backlink. Check out https://integritymarketingseo.com/ for assistance with SEO tactics for your website.

Getting Involved With Your Community

Getting involved with local events, charities, or sports teams is another great method for obtaining backlinks to your website. You can make a donation or sponsor a sporting event. People might be more willing to link to your website if you are doing something for the community. You can also gain more links from local organizations and bloggers.

Guest Blogging

By guest blogging on blogs that share your niche, or that has readers that may be interested in your services or products, you can also score backlinks to your site. Just ensure that you include a targeted phrase with one of your keywords in your anchor text. If the keyword is added into the anchor text you will most likely rank higher. The search engines utilize this anchor text when ranking websites for keywords, therefore it is best to avoid anchor texts like “click here”.