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Cars likely to become collector’s items – Business Insider

Cars likely to become collector’s items – Business Insider

Each year, the classic car insurance company Hagerty releases the Hagerty Hot List, which includes the 10 mass-production vehicles made by mainstream automakers the company believes are likely to gain value over time and become collector’s items.

The list’s goal isn’t to promote the obvious contenders — like supercars made by the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini — but, rather, to highlight more affordable cars, some of which might not immediately come to mind for classic car enthusiasts.

To qualify for the list, a vehicle must have a suggested retail price from its manufacturer of less than $100,000 and be available for the model year in which the list is released.

The 2018 list includes entries that surprised Hagerty CEO McKeel Hagerty, like the Kia Stinger GT and Honda Civic Type R.

“I never would have envisioned a Kia Stinger as a collectible car,” he said in an interview with Business Insider.

Hagerty said he was also surprised to see two Jeeps, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and Wrangler, on the list. While the auto industry is shifting to meet increasing consumer demand for SUVs, crossovers, and trucks, Hagerty said they tend to be less enjoyable to drive than smaller vehicles.

“SUVs are the hot type of car, but they’re not often that fun,” he said.

According to Hagerty, SUVs tend to feel like they were conceived by focus groups rather than designers with a sense of aesthetics.

“Focus groups design bad cars,” he said. “There’s just a fear in corporate America. People are afraid to take risk.”

If there’s a trend that runs through the cars on the 2018 Hagerty Hot List, it’s the tendency to appeal to a niche in the auto market, like the Audi RS 3, which Hagerty said is geared toward a “tech-forward, European buyer,” and the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE, which favors “performance capability over practicality.”

While the auto industry may make the bulk of its money from vehicles that appeal to a wide range of consumers, the cars that will age best could be the ones that fit the specific needs of a specialized customer.

Here are the vehicles that made the 2018 Hagerty Hot List and the explanations the company gave for their inclusion.


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