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Compare Personal Money Transfer & Overseas Payment Services

Compare Personal Money Transfer & Overseas Payment Services

Many people have doubts and apprehensions about transferring funds overseas. However, the process is not as complicated as it might seem. While you have the option of using the services of various banks, a number of specialist online money transfer companies offer noticeably better deals. If you know what aspects to address, you can choose a personal money transfer company according to your needs.

Compare Everything

It is crucial that you compare money exchange and fund transfer companies across various parameters before making your selection. The cost factor, without a doubt, is at the top of most people’s minds. Other aspects such as payment and transfer methods, as well as whether or not you can make regular transfers also require your attention.

iCompareFX.com strives to help individuals who want to compare money transfer companies before making a decision. This online platform gives you an easy way to learn the intricate details about the leading names in this industry, with our professional reviews giving you valuable insight into the behavior of these companies.

You can turn to iCompareFX.com to compare international money transfer companies from around the world. Our comparisons focus on all of the important aspects, such as supported currencies and countries, fees, exchange rates, turnaround times, payment and transfer methods, as well as customer satisfaction.

Reasons for Personal Overseas Transfers

As the world continues to shrink, travel across borders for personal reasons is on the rise. During the recent past, there has also been significant growth in the use of global money remittance services for personal reasons.

Here are some of the common situations that give rise to personal fund transfers:

Transferring Funds to Family or FriendsPaying Loans and BillsSelling or Buying a Property OverseasDestination WeddingsStudying OverseasTemporary or Permanent EmigrationRetiring Overseas as an Expat

Transferring Funds to Family or Friends

If you work overseas and support your family back home financially, you will likely have to transfer funds to your home country on an ongoing basis.

Always compare money exchange companies to find out which ones let you set up regular transfers. Especially for one-off transfers to friends or family members, the amount you wish to transfer can have a bearing on the company you select.

Paying Loans and Bills

Making payments towards a home mortgage, any other kind of credit source, or utility bills will require regular transfers.

Choose a service provider accordingly. Such transfers usually involve sending money to overseas bank accounts. All prominent online money remittance companies provide this service.

Selling or Buying a Property Overseas

If you plan to buy or sell property in a foreign country, learn about applicable taxes ahead of time, as these add to the cost of the transaction.

Consider how you plan to move the money in or out of the country in advance. By choosing the right method and timing the transfer correctly, you can save a significant amount of money.

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings have increased in popularity over recent years, with scores of couples now making a beeline towards exotic locales.

In most cases, making payments in local currencies is a part of the deal. Even with a single point of contact, you may have to make separate payments to your wedding planner, the caterer, and the entertainment brigade.

Studying Overseas

As an international student, your initial fund transfer comes in the form of the tuition fees you pay to enroll.

Once you move to a foreign country to study, you may require money from home to deal with daily expenses  Overseas transfers become the most attractive solution.

Temporary or Permanent Emigration

If you are moving overseas, temporarily or permanently, first decide whether to rent or buy a home. If you have a home in your native country, determine if you wish to sell it or rent it. In both cases, you will have to use the services of an overseas fund transfer company.

Sending money to pay bills and cover other financial obligations also requires your attention.

Retiring Overseas as an Expat

If you have worked as an expat in a foreign country and plan to retire in that country, you might have to use a fund transfer company to receive regular pension transfers from your home country. You might also have to use the services of these companies to fulfill outstanding financial obligations back home.

Reasons to Compare Money Exchange Companies and Banks

While banks offer safety and security in sending money to overseas bank accounts, their cost effectiveness and customer service levels often leave room for improvement. So, while using the services of your bank might be an easy option, it may not be the most advantageous.

Using your bank for a small one-time transfer may be convenient. However, if you make regular transfers or if you are transferring a significant amount, the fees can add up to a substantial sum. When transferring a large amount, compare international money transfer companies, since even a small markup in the exchange rate can lead to a noticeable difference. The leading online money remittance service providers have all the required licenses in place, providing the same level of security as the leading banks.

The table below will give you a snapshot indication of how banks fare against some of the top international online money transfer companies.

Note: these rates were taken from the institutions from a personal account and not a business account. Business account pricing may be negotiable.

Transferring Funds From Australia to the UK:

Service Provider Amount Transferred GBPAUD Exchange Rate Fees Amount Received
OFX $30,000 0.5682 $0 £17,046
CurrencyFair $30,000 0.5673 $3 £17,021
TransferWise $30,000 0.5702 $116.9 £17,008
World First $30,000 0.5641 $0 £16,924
Avg. Aussie Bank $30,000 0.5397 $20 £16,180

Transferring Funds From the U.S. to the UK:

Service Provider Amount Transferred GBPUSD Exchange Rate Fees Amount Received
OFX $30,000 0.7485 $0 £22,455
World First $30,000 0.7432 $0 £22,295
Average bank rate $30,000 0.7509 $15 £21,463

*Rates used in the examples above were effective August 2, 2016.

The given examples illustrate how using the services of a specialist money transfer company can lead to monetary savings. To find out which company offers the best deal, compare money exchange service providers immediately before a transfer.

Why You Should Compare Money Transfer Companies Across Different Parameters

While several global fund transfer companies compete for your attention, not all offer similar features and functionalities. For example:

  • While some companies provide access to their websites in different languages, others limit website access to English.
  • If you wish to transfer money to a bank account, you can use the services of most prominent online money transfer companies.
  • On the other hand, if you want to transfer funds to a cash pick up center, your options are more limited.
  • If you plan to transfer funds on an ongoing basis, you are better off working with a company that lets you set up regular transfers easily. Not all companies offer this functionality.
  • Some fund transfer companies give you the ability to track fluctuations between different currency pairs, and others provide free rate alerts.

How Involved Are iCompareFX.com Reviews and Comparisons?

When iCompareFX.com reviews any brick-and-mortar or online money remittance company, it pays attention to aspects such as:

  • Ease of use – including account creation
  • Security
  • Exchange rate and fees
  • Customer service
  • Credibility
  • Additional features

We look at the intricacies involved in sending money from one country to another, which include how you can pay for your transfer, how the recipient can receive transferred funds, and how long different kinds of transfers take. Using different tools at your disposal, you can compare international money transfer companies easily.