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Enjoying the City for Cheap | Your Smart Money Moves Personal Finance Blog

Enjoying the City for Cheap | Your Smart Money Moves Personal Finance Blog

As a millennial or individual who lives in the city of Atlanta (or right outside of it) I’m always looking for the next thing to do to enjoy my weekend. However, it always comes at a cost and those costs add up. I mean just think about what one date costs and multiply that by 10 and that’s what you wind up spending just in 1 month, and that’s on the low end. Though if you try to save money by hanging out at the house that can lead to the new disease that so much of us struggle with in this Instagram driven world which is FOMO. That leads to the age-old question of is there a way to cure this disease, while also ensuring that you protect your wallet? Now you may say there’s no possible way… but before you click off the article I can assure you there is a way and something you will probably want to take advantage of right away.

The solution you may ask is called INWEGO. Yeah! I know weird name, but the product is great. It’s essentially an all you can do ticket to everything hot in the city. Before you start wondering what I am even talking about, let me explain. The app costs $30/month but within that $30 you get more than enough value to recoup your cost, but it will 100% be up to you. I’ve had friends tell me it’s a waste of money, but how can it be when you have access to the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Falcons, and Atlanta United games along with brewery’s, comedy shows, bar crawls, concerts, etc. It’s totally what you make of it, but I can say that I personally have been to around 30 Braves games this year which even with just the standing room only tickets, this is close to $10 a ticket, but we’re not talking about that. I’m telling you I have sat in the outfield, down the 1st base side, 3rd base side, etc. all for no cost except the monthly $30 subscription fee. I’ve also sat 2 rows up from the floor at Hawks games. That’s not to mention that if you have friends or a significant other they can link with you so that you are all sitting together at the event. Now the more high-profile events like Falcons and Atlanta United aren’t available every time and are generally standing room only, but they are generally $60 tickets in and of themselves so think of it as for 2 months you get to go to one game. Generally speaking though, if you go to 2 events a month whatever they may be, you generally will get your money’s worth. The idea is that you get to be out and about for an affordable price.

Now you may say Kurt, I’m not in Atlanta so that sucks, but they are rapidly expanding with DC, Denver, and Phoenix being other markets currently using the service. And given where the subscription-based society is moving, I can’t imagine this won’t continue to expand to many cities across the US given the practicality and the need that it is solving. All I can say is if you are looking to get out of the house, whether with friends or a significant other, this is your best bet for affordability along with the hottest things to do in the area. Trust me I’m a true testament, and have INWEGO to thank for an incredible last year of events and fun.

Source: Article Written by Kurt Brucker


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