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Farmers Work Together To Harvest Crops for Fellow Farmer Battling Leukemia

Farmers Work Together To Harvest Crops for Fellow Farmer Battling Leukemia

Farmers have a tough job, and when one of their own was in need of help, they banded together to assist the only way they know how.

Greg Bishop was a farmer in need of a helping hand in the west Texas community where he lived, according to Inside Edition.

Bishop is beloved by the other local farmers and often helps out without hesitation.

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Unfortunately, the farmer was fighting leukemia and undergoing chemotherapy while his cotton crops were in need of harvest. Covering a full 1,200 acres in Floyd County, the farmer was unable to tend to his crops the way he had always done.

As part of his treatment, his doctors told him he couldn’t harvest his cotton because the chemo had weakened his immune system and it wouldn’t be prudent to do the laborious work outdoors. That’s when his neighbors stepped in to help.

Bringing $12 million of farming machinery to Bishop’s farm, the neighboring farmers began to harvest his field, and by 3 p.m. that same day, the cotton was ready to be ginned.

“He’s a very good Christian man,” Aaron Hendricks, general manager of Floydada Co-Op Gins, told Inside Edition. “Just a good-hearted man. He’s very humble. He’s just the best person.”

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Hendricks is also a humble man that has known Bishop for 25 years, telling Inside Edition, “I want everybody to know what kind of a guy Greg Bishop is, and how much people think of him.”

Hendricks had 35 to 40 people in his office the day the decision was made to give back to the man that had given so much to the other farmers in his community.

“They all said, ‘What can we do? We’re ready to help,’” Hendricks told Inside Edition.

According to Hendricks, the group chipped in any way they could – organizing machinery and keeping a close eye on Bishop’s farm so they would know when the cotton would be ready. Some local companies even offered to donate fuel, but the good Samaritan farmers declined the offer, as they wanted it to be their own burden to bear.

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“We had people come from 100 miles northwest of us to help,” Hendricks said.

When the work was complete, Hendricks was finally able to speak to Bishop, who was overwhelmed by the heartwarming community help.

“He was just overwhelmed by what everybody did,” Hendricks told Inside Edition. “He was in tears. He couldn’t thank us enough for what we did.”

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And according to Hendricks, there was no need to extend any more thanks. “Nobody wants any thanks. Everyone is just thankful to be able to do this for him,” he said.

For Bishop, the kind act didn’t go unnoticed, as he is in good spirits and upbeat about his life, especially after having his harvest taken care of so generously by his fellow farmers.

The community has even started a fundraiser to help Bishop stay in Dallas for the medical treatment he needs. He is scheduled to go to Baylor for 100 days to have a bone marrow transplant. Several people in the community have also volunteered to see if they are a match.

What an incredible community filled with love and kindness. Our prayers go out for Bishop and we know that his fellow farmers are always looking out for him.

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