Impact of “Information Technology” (IT) on the Healthcare Sector in India


India is a nation where population is growing at a rapid pace. From last few years the Information Technology infrastructure was not so strong, but in the coming years it has penetrated well. There has been a significant advancement in Information Technology domain that has dramatically impacted all walks of life. Taking into consideration the Healthcare sector in India the scenario has gradually changed over the years. The main reason for an increase in IT investment in the Healthcare Sector is about viewing that technology is a remedy to solve a large number of health-related issues.

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There have been various issues that India faces due to the practice of traditional healthcare that’s has led to limit the quality of life like. Low doctor-patient ratio, no proper set up for hospitals, delay in delivery of drugs and vaccines and downtime of equipment which has gradually increased the gap in Indian Healthcare Sector in India. Therefore, focusing on the current scenario technology has extensively impacted healthcare. It has paved its way in providing better healthcare facilities. Some of the important elements that have helped to define the healthcare of the future are as follows:


The cloud has become an umbrella and there is hardly any sector or domain left that is to be covered. The healthcare too is soaring high on the cloud waves. As it has helped to a great extent to maintain the patient’s records in digital format. Additionally, moving them to cloud with the increase in convenience of accessibility anytime and anywhere.

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The use of a predictive algorithm, which enables doctors to diagnose their patient more accurately. Furthermore, Telemedicine coming into the picture will help patients to get a more accurate diagnosis. It also allows diagnosis done from any location worldwide.


There has been a dramatic increase in the adoption of the smartphone in India. There are factors responsible for increasing growth rate. This covers price reduction, ease of access, and the prevalence of internet-enabled services. It has widened up the way for a virtual world wherein the doctors and patients can easily collaborate in no time and discuss their problems. Digitalization has enabled a centralized database that contains all aspects of a patient’s health. This allows to reduce the risk of medical errors.

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There have been various new concepts that the Healthcare sector has come across are ePharmacy, eDiagnostics, and eReferral. In addition to this, proving healthy ecosystem support to patients and service providers with the ease of access to information. 

Furthermore, delivering quality healthcare service requires providers and patients to integrate information which is complex in nature and has to a great extent increased the ability of physicians, clinical technicians and nurses to get the access and use of right information at the right time so as to provide improved health care services. Moreover, IT has great potential in order to improve quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare sector. With its modern techniques and equipment’s that has aided to a great extent to improve the quality of life and faster cure of diseases which were irresistible to care without the advancement of technology.

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