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You’ve likely heard about all of the existing gender “gaps” when it comes to women and money.

The wage gap, debt gap, investing gap, and the wealth gap are all big concerns for women as they try to improve their financial health and build a solid financial house.

Another gender gap that exists is related to financial literacy. While reports say it’s beginning to close, the Women Who Money/Women’s Money Talk team wants to ensure we amplify as many different sources of financial education as we can.

If you think there aren’t many women talking about money, think again.

While we haven’t closed any of the gaps, women are certainly working on pushing the message out that we need to take control of our finances and learn ways to manage our money and invest for the future.

There are hundreds of women writing about money on blogs. There are also dozens of personal finance podcasts exclusively hosted by women or co-hosted by women and men.

Today, we’re highlighting personal finance podcasts exclusively hosted by women in 2019.

Some of these women are experts in finance and others have struggled to get their financial “acts” together. All of them have great information and stories to share with their listeners.

We hope you find some great podcasts to listen to and that you’ll share them with your friends and family! If you know a great personal finance podcast by a woman (or team of women) that we’ve missed, let us know.

*Note: In order to represent the women and their podcasts accurately, descriptions were taken from their “about” pages or from other information we were able to locate.

Personal Finance Podcasts By Women

by Paula Pant. You can afford anything, but not everything is the idea of the Afford Anything movement. With over 200 episodes, you’ll learn about investing, real estate, entrepreneurship, travel, lifestyle design, productivity, personal development, financial independence and more.

by Gaby Dunn. Since 2016, she has hosted Bad with Money, a podcast on the Panoply network, which primarily focuses on economy lessons, while also delving into poverty and economic oppression. Gaby and Allison Raskin are best known for Just Between Us, their popular YouTube channel with more than 150 million views.

by Linda P. Jones. With over 2.5 million downloads, Linda aims to show women (and smart men) how to get their money working harder for them so they can have financial freedom, without complexity and overwhelm.

by Jill Schesinger. Jill is a CFP and an Emmy-nominated business analyst for CBS News. On her podcast, she discusses uncomfortable and even controversial money and investing issues. She shares actionable information so you can make the most of your money.

Beyond The Dollar by Sarah Li-Cain. Sarah is a finance writer and author. Her podcast is a place where she makes money more approachable by having frank and honest conversations. Each episode, candidly discusses a topic at the intersection of money and life, drawing from her own experience and that of her guests.

by Kathleen Burns Kingsbury. She’s a wealth psychology expert, founder of KBK Wealth Connection, an internationally published author and speaker. Her mission is to empower women, couples, and families to shatter money taboos and communicate more effectively about financial matters.

by Paulette Perhach. Her writing has been published in the New York Times, Elle, Slate, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Yoga Journal, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and Vice. Paulette’s podcast focuses on working on your financial self-defense, no matter how bad you are with money.

by Bobbi Olson. She was raised poor and believed her situation was hopeless. But she changed the way she thought about money and became disciplined in managing it. She’s debt-free and excited to share what she’s learned and stories from others who are striving to lead CentsAble lives.

by Bola Sokunbi. She is a Certified Financial Education Instructor, money expert and the CEO, best-selling author and founder of Clever Girl Finance. In over 100 episodes, Bola shares information to help women become accountable, ditch debt, save money and build real wealth.

by Melody Johnson. The Earn, Save, Thrive podcast explores how to make a mental shift from surviving to thriving through money chats and business conversations. In her recently launched podcast, Melody Johnson of Her Designed Life interviews aspiring entrepreneurs and women in business.

by Jaime Masters. She’s interviewed over 350 millionaires and billionaires. Jaime searches for the experiences, stories, and resources these leaders have used to make millionaire money. Each week, she interviews a new millionaire and provides you with their best tactics, resources, and advice for growing your business.

by Bobbi Rebell. She’s a Certified Financial Planner and author of “How to Be a Financial Grownup.” Bobbi is an award-winning TV anchor and personal finance columnist. Her podcast features a variety of celebrities, authors, leaders, and amazing guests who have inspiring and important money stories to share. Bobbi also does podcasts alone where she reviews books or shares Financial Grownup money lessons on specific topics.

by Julie from (originally started with Gwen from Fiery Millennials.) There are over 150 episodes of FireDrill with topics including financial independence, early retirement, real estate investing, side hustles and more.

by Jen and Jill. Jen is always learning to become a more intentional spender. Jill shares her DIY skills and frugal knowledge. Together, they want to help listeners learn more about how to manage their finances. With almost 70 episodes recorded, there are plenty of great frugality tips to try!

by Fo. She’s a Southern Belle who enjoys walking barefoot, playing in makeup, and sewing. And she’s 100% committed to helping women take control of their finances. On her podcast, she discusses topics help women get out of debt, build their bank, and create the life that they want.

by Jean Chatzky. Jean is the financial editor of NBC’s “Today” show and is the author of 11 best-selling books. She takes the complicated world of money and explains it in ways we can all understand. Jean believes we all have more responsibility for our financial lives than any generation that came before us. In over 170 episodes, she’ll teach you to earn, save, invest, and more.

by Jen Hemphill. She’s a wife, mother, mentor, money coach, entrepreneur, and Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC). On Her Money Matters, she explores money topics including budgeting, student loan debt, impulse spending, paying off debt, real estate, careers, and financial independence.

by Jamila Souffrant. She wants to teach you what she’s learned through trial and error and a lot of discipline over the years. Eliminating debt, saving more money and increasing your net worth are all topics of discussion on her popular podcast.

by Atiya Brown. Atiya is a  CPA, CA – and she’s also known as The Savvy Accountant™. She wants you to consider her your Savvy Big Sister. One that wants you to win without judging you. To live financially savvy, she’ll help you take control of your finances and leave generational wealth for your children and/or loved ones.

by Shannon McLay. On her podcast, Shannon shares tips, tools, and ideas to help you make the best financial choice—the Financially Blonde choice. “Blonde” meaning, making intelligent financial decisions for both long-term goals and everyday situations. Shannon is also the CEO and founder of The Financial Gym.

by Michelle. She talks about lifestyle design, online entrepreneurship, financial independence, love, travel, and plenty of other personal finance topics. Michelle’s podcast is her way of sharing the amazing wisdom, ideas, and tools that people are using to change and better their lives.

by Jessica Moorhouse. She’s a millennial money expert from Canada. Jessica is a speaker, Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada®, award-winning blogger, and founder of the Millennial Money Meetup. Her mission is to teach others how to take control of their lives by taking control of their money.

by Laura Adams. From credit to taxes, to retirement, to insurance, Laura makes money simple so you rule your finances, make smart investment decisions, and have a richer life. The show has been downloaded more than 40 million times by legions of loyal fans.

By Lillian Karabaic. She’s passionate about helping people achieve financial well-being no matter their income. Lillian’s worked hard and saved nearly half of her income, stayed debt-free, donated 5% of her spending, and traveled to over 25 countries on a modest non-profit salary. Her goal is to help you feel confident about your financial future so you can do what matters to you.

by Hilary Hendershott. Guests on Hilary’s podcasts talk openly about how they acquired their wealth as well as the types of money issues that affect all women regardless of income or financial status. Profit Boss® Radio highlights powerful, wealthy women who have created success on their own terms.

by Patrice Washington.  She wants to help you live your life’s purpose, find fulfillment and earn more without chasing money. Patrice teaches women that living a disciplined, yet fulfilled life and expecting opportunities to overtake you at every turn is way better than forcing yourself to live a Starbucks-free life of deprivation so you can “save for a rainy day.”

by Farnoosh Torabi. She’s an award-winning financial correspondent, best selling author, and television personality. With hundreds of episodes recorded, Farnoosh has candid conversations about money with the world’s top business minds, authors and influencers. Once a week, Farnoosh also answers your biggest money questions.

by Kerrie Beene. Kerrie is a financial planner at Rooted Planning Group and she kicked off Strong Roots in 2019. It’s a show about “strengthening our roots with discussions about health and wealth.”  Kerrie will cover topics ranging from gut health to changing habits, to life insurance.

by Tanja Hester and Kara Perez. The Fairer Cents is a podcast about badass women and their “not so usual” money stories. You’ll love their podcast if you’re ready for deep conversation about economic issues that disproportionately affect women, people of color, non-binary people and everyone who feels marginalized by our current money culture.

The Independent Wealth Planner Strategies by Jennifer Lang. Jennifer is an author, an educator, a public speaker and an expert in no-market risk strategies with a passion for financial literacy. Her podcast teaches families & business owners safe retirement planning and wealth accumulation strategies.

by Patrina Dixon. Patrina is a Certified Financial Education Instructor, International Speaker and an Award-Winning Author of the top-selling financial guided series, It’$ My Money™.  She’s an advocate for financial literacy, She helps shape the spending and saving behaviors of her clients with a goal of guiding them toward financial independence.

by Ellie and Bethany. These ladies have conversations about saving money, couples communication, spend plans, superheroes and more. Ellie, Bethany, and their guests will teach you while entertaining you with offbeat humor, geek-speak and money tips you never knew existed.

by Whitney Hansen. She’s a personal finance coach and entrepreneur who teaches overwhelmed millennials how to better manage their money. On her podcast, Whitney interviews “everyday” people – not just those making 7 figures. Those who challenge the status quo and stay under the radar are truly inspirational for her listeners.

by Danielle Desir. Danielle’s goal is to show people how to afford to travel more, pay off debt and build wealth. She’s passionate about helping people be intentional with their money and make more informed financial decisions.

by Tess Wicks. With over 100 episodes recorded, her podcast helps provide you with the tools and education to make you feel empowered and give you more control over your business finances and personal money matters.

by Amy Irvine. She’s a CFP, EA, MPAS and is the founder of Irvine Wealth Planning Strategies (dba Rooted Planning Group.) Each week, Amy sips one of her favorite wines and carefully pairs it with financial planning advice.

by Suze Orman. Known as one of American’s most recognized personal finance experts, her Women and Money podcasts cover a wide range of financial topics. Suze will empower listeners to own the power to control their destiny and realize that money itself is not the end goal, it’s the means to living a full and meaningful life.

by Mary Beth Storjohann. She’s a CFP, author, speaker, and financial coach who is often featured as a financial expert by major media outlets. She applies a fun, albeit no-nonsense approach to help people make smart, educated choices with their money. Her podcast gives you the education, confidence and clarity around your finances that you deserve.

by Lauryn Williams. Lauren holds an MBA and is a CFSLA and CFP. She’s also a four-time Olympian and 3-time Olympic medalist! She wants to help young professionals and athletes make smart money decisions, build a healthy financial foundation and prepare a plan to find and fund the dreams that are truly worth winning.

Be sure and check out this full list of personal finance podcasts hosted or co-hosted by women on Women Who Money and submit yours if it’s missing.