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Quiz: How Good Are You with Your Money?

Quiz: How Good Are You with Your Money?

Financial stability allows oneself to become financially secure, and provide a safety net incase of unexpected emergencies, according to website PocketSmart. However, not all individuals are alike when it comes to how they save their money.  According to USA TODAY, the average American household’s pretax income is usually spent. This doesn’t leave behind much money to spend on personal enjoyment.

Ask yourself these questions: Are you quick to buy that new arrival top in the boutique window? Or do you save your extra cash, knowing it can be used for something more important? By answering the following questions below, see if you need better control of your money spending, or can treat yourself to a periodic splurge!


  1. When you go shopping you see three clothing items you really like. However, you need at least half of your money for your groceries. What do you do?
    1. I splurge everything I have on those three items
    2. I decide to buy only one of the clothing items and use the rest of the money for the groceries
    3. I don’t get any of the items and go straight to my grocery shopping
  2. When it comes to your paycheck how much would you put in your savings account?
    1. I don’t put too much money in my savings, I usually use my paycheck in one go
    2. I budget my money by splitting at least half of my paycheck in my savings and the other for my everyday needs
    3. I put almost all my money into my savings account.
  3. When it comes to paying the bills, you are always
    1. Late in paying bills and have additional late fees
    2. I pay my bills in a timely manner
    3. I pay my bills in a timely manner and plan for the rest of my bills to come
  4. When you travel to another country, how do you spend your expenses
    1. Most of the money goes to shopping and visiting the different sites in the country
    2. The money would be budgeted properly between food, tickets, room, and sites to see
    3. I keep track of every penny I spend and make sure I don’t go over my limit on how much I want to spend

If you answered mostly 1: You should consider making changes. It’s always great to treat yourself, however when you start spending money on unnecessary expenses, you may have a spending problem.

If you answered mostly 2: You’re as balanced as your bank account. You always keep a well maintained balance when it comes to treating yourself and getting your expenses such as bills, and rent done.

If you answered mostly 3: You’re highly conscious of your money. It’s good to be aware, but you could probably afford to relax a little. There’s nothing wrong with spending on things you enjoy. Being overly cautious with money can stop you from spending on things you might enjoy having or doing.