Ripple Makes LinkedIn’s Top Start-ups List for the Second Year in a Row


Ripple, the San Francisco-based blockchain Tech company, continues to operate with the motive of ruling the payment industry. Its effort has indeed paid off so far with the global recognition it garners.

The recent amiable thumb up it received came from LinkedIn as it makes the top start-ups list of the world’s largest professional network for the second year in a row.

Ripple has served and still serving a host of notable financial institutions spreading all over the world, with its supposedly trustworthy, cheap and fast services.

How Ripple Makes LinkedIn’s Top Start-ups List Once Again

The selection was made on merit, LinkedIn stated. Ripple managed to scuffle itself among 50 other big companies ranging from fintech, cannabis and data storage. Actually, companies within United States were the centre point.

The World’s largest professional network deduced the result of the top startups by analysing its periodic data, using the companies with the highest number of job seekers contacting its channel. However, the data-warehousing startup, Snowflake was crowned as number 1 in that regard.

To be factual, for Ripple to make the cut among the top 50s out of countless startups around the US is a notable sign of progress on the side of the blockchain tech giant.

The list was published on Linkedlin. Ripple occupies 28th position, a step ahead of Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States, occupying 29th position.

Ripple took to its official twitter handle to share the euphoria with its close to a million followers. The fact that this has played out such as last year makes it significant and noteworthy.

We’re honored to be named one of the #LinkedInTopStartups (again!) Interested in joining our award-winning team? Learn more about #RippleLife:

— Ripple (@Ripple) September 4, 2019

One Ripple’s Recent Noteworthy Achievements

About three years ago, the Strategic Business Innovator Group (SBI) integrated Ripple. The joint venture was named The SBI Ripple Asia Consortium, consisting of 61 banks, with only 3 banks running on Ripple-enabled MoneyTap from onset.

Later on, other banks joined, making the number of banks running on MoneyTap totaling 25. Few days ago, SBI hinted the addition of another 4 banks, making the total number of banks running on the Ripple-enabled application to be 29.

SBI also promised that the remaining 32 banks out of 61 banks in the consortium will start running on MoneyTap application sooner than later.

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