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Top 10 Emerging Trends in Healthcare Technology for 2020 | AppStudio

Top 10 Emerging Trends in Healthcare Technology for 2020 | AppStudio

There is practically no area of ​​society that escapes the transformation given by technological advances. In the time we have to live, the digital models are imposed, in which the use of data & more effective communications are already driving change in sectors such as healthcare.

Remote clinical analysis or sensors that facilitate patient monitoring are some of the experiences that are already underway. These initiatives aim to improve the quality and effectiveness of all processes, from prevention to treatment, through diagnosis, and always in the most individualized way possible.

This is what has been called 4P Medicine for predictive, preventive, personalized & participatory. Technologies like web development healthcare are educating masses. A model in which data analysis, real-time monitoring, or artificial intelligence technologies seem to mark a before and after in healthcare management.

Today we will share the 10 contemporary technologies that will mark the health sector in the coming years.

List of Healthcare Technology Trends 2020

1. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is helping medical practitioners and researchers to train and get the most out of this novel technology. AR provides an immersion experience to see the real world and the virtual world in combination. It is one of the top benefits of ML in Healthcare 2020. This integration leads to a fantastic bonus that is one of its kind. In 2020, we will see new mobile apps developed with the feature of AR.

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is another technology that provides contemporary benefits to surgeons and medical students. VR can help doctors train themselves using extended reality solutions. Companies like AppStudio can transform your institutions and healthcare businesses by developing sophisticated VR solutions. It is among the healthcare technology trends 2020.

3. Artificial Intelligence

We know that the future of Healthcare depends on machine learning and deep learning. Artificial Intelligence is also a technology that is lifting healthcare to new levels. When coronavirus struck the world, artificial intelligence helped us. Scientists are using AI algorithms to find Covid-19 vaccination. In the coming years, we will be easily managing such pandemics with complete control and strategy. The Use of AI & ML in healthcare is already exceeding our expectations.

4. Self-Knowledge

Online platforms offering self-diagnosis services are increasingly booming. The objective is for the patient to have their health analysis and exams available at all times. This will move them from curative Medicine to preventive Medicine, personalized and adapted to each person.

5. Self-Diagnosis

The Internet, a medium that is increasingly important in the consultation of information on health-related topics, joins the list of tools. Digital solutions like healthcare app development are facilitating self-diagnosis and prevention of diseases, such as remote analytics or devices with sensors that analyze vital signs, among others. These tools provide the doctor or healthcare professional with a faster and more accurate diagnosis. We share these healthcare technology trends in 2020 to educate the readers.

6.Support Networks

These are online communities that support the patient in any pathology. And also when they go through delicate situations. This is the case of fertility treatments, people with mental problems or those who fight cancer. Application for sharing medical knowledge between patients & professionals are also included here.

7. mHealth

The idea of ​​’health on-demand’ is already a reality with applications that offer 24-hour online chat platforms and medical video consultation. The Future of Healthcare is directly linked to mhealth. In addition to creating the support networks mentioned above, they also allow requesting specialized doctors at home according to the symptoms presented by the patient. Devices such as smart glasses or intelligent stethoscopes will also facilitate this attention.

8.Digital Pharmacy

Buying health products in online pharmacies and receiving them at your doorstep is one of the facilities proposed by the technological revolution in the health sector. The direct sales subscription model comes to Medicine with kits that are sent according to the needs of each person. Similarly, the Use of AI & ML in healthcare and pharmacy is contributing to new medicines and drugs.

9. Smart Hospital

The most innovative hospitals will be those that use 5G technology to transmit data in real-time and perform remote operations. Technologies such as wearables, augmented reality and robots are already in the most advanced healthcare centres.

10. Interventions

The robotic assistants and simulators augmented reality allow surgeons to simulate responses to improve surgical procedures. Also, robots help to compensate for possible limitations that doctors may have in specific actions. There are already cases in which it is possible to perform an operation with a doctor who is not present in the same room.

Follow-up Applications and Treatment Adherence

In an increasingly advanced world, providing personalized monitoring and achieving greater patient involvement in the treatment of their pathologies are the goals of hundreds of applications designed to make a recovery faster and more effective.

These digital tools help monitor symptoms telemetrically, remind the patient of the need to comply with treatment regularly, and even encourage the adoption of a healthier lifestyle.

Smart Healthcare Centres

More and more healthcare centres, hospitals and private medical practices are implementing new technologies and tools to improve their effectiveness, speed and patient care. For example, the latest generation 5G communication networks will allow in the coming years to transmit data in real-time between healthcare professionals, which will translate into more efficient patient management and administrative, organizational and logistics tasks depending on the characteristics of each centre.

Augmented Reality and Health Robotics

One of the demands of many patients and healthcare professionals is to improve communication between the various people who make up the healthcare environment. Thus, augmented reality devices will be more and more frequent in health centres to explain the particularities of each pathology and each treatment to be indicated. With this, it is possible to provide more and better information to the patient in a fundamental process such as informed consent.

On the other hand, the application of robotics and other similar devices are also increasingly frequent technologies in medical consultations, operating rooms or diagnostic rooms in many health centres. E l use of these advanced tools improves accuracy, speed up time, saving the possible physical difficulties you may have medical and even remote attention without the need for the healthcare professional is in the same room.

Non-invasive Medicine

Another technology that is having remarkable progress in recent years and that will be coming soon is the so-called non-invasive Medicine. This type of Medicine is characterized by the use of instruments that do not require any kind of cut, injury or discomfort.

Companies like are playing a significant role in the development and transformation of healthcare facilities. All of these are booming trends that will revolutionize healthcare, positively affecting the patient’s health and the health professional’s work.

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