‘We are not wise, we are just selfish’ – Young Technology Entrepreneur writes an interesting piece about yahoo boys and Hushpuppi


Is there any justification for stealing? Oh! There is hunger in the land… But those who use hunger as justification to engage in fraudulent activities do not stop to engage in it after being able to afford food. Would I then be wrong if I say a thief is just a thief and doesn’t have a reason for being a thief? After all, many were in your position but not all resolved to stealing.

We are living at a time where people celebrate fraudsters, a time where a great percentage of Nigerians do not see any wrong in duping people off their sweat and life savings.

Some say it is a payback to the whites for what they did during the slave trade era. What about that black man/women who is crying after being defrauded of everything he/she has worked for, a descendant of a slave…. How about that poor ‘akara’ seller crying aloud in the banking hall after realizing that all her little saving is gone?

I would still say, there is and would never be a credible justification for being a thief.

Enough of my thoughts, let’s get to the business we are here for. I came across this interesting piece about fraudsters and Hushpuppi who is currently in custody of the INTERPOL in the UAE, written by a Nigerian identified on Facebook as Kelly Idehen, and decided to share with you.

Kelly cited some of the things Nigerians suffer as a result of the international recognition of the many fraudulent crimes committed by Nigerians globally.

The only reason why I’m deciding to shook mouth in this matter is because it is one of Cybercrime with high repercussions for everyone of us.

We are not wise, we are just selfish; that’s all.

When your actions affect millions of people negatively, there is no justification for it.

I have to double efforts to build credibility when dealing overseas business or transactions, that is if I do not lose out on business deal first.
I can’t use PayPal because of people & deeds such as this. I can’t access some international websites once my IP is flagged as coming from Nigeria (I really don’t like the stress of VPN).

What you do and think of as personal indulgence (“do what thou wilt”), is in actual fact creating hardships for others.

Life shouldn’t be survival of the fittest, it should be ‘live & let live’.

Yes get you a Private Jet, some Gucci & a 2021 Rolls Royce by every means, but please don’t do it at the expense of the Future of young Africans & especialy Nigerians. You are not only stealing from your brothers with a light skin, you are also stealing and destroying the hardwork of your brothers in dark skin.

Again I reiterate, We are not wise, we are just selfish; that’s all.